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Stage 2 Ban consultation open

The WA Government announced on 23 September 2022 that Stage 2 regulations are planned to commence 1 February 2023, with bans on supply staggered from August 2023 to August 2024.

Brief interpretation of the regulations from the National Retail Association

3 phases are proposed in the Stage 2 ban

  • Regulations commence 1 February 2023 (false & misleading offence commences)
  • Phase 2.1 – Supply banned by 1 August 2023
    • Degradable plastic (incl. oxo-degradable and landfill degradable)
    • Cotton buds with plastic shafts
    • Microbeads
    • EPS cups and EPS in food and beverage packaging (including meat trays)
    • Loose fill EPS packaging and other expanded plastic equivalents eg. EPE, EPP and foamed bioplastic
  • Phase 2.2 – Supply banned by 1 Feb 2024
    • Takeaway coffee cups (excl. AU certified lined paper cups)
    • Cup Lids – hot & cold drinks (including lined paper)
    • Lids for takeaway food containers and bowls (excl. AU certified lined paper lids)
      • And therefore all lidded containers and bowls excluded in Stage 1 (We note that the definition of containers is unclear so this might include sushi clamshells, sandwich wedges, deli containers, food boxes, cake boxes, etc – TBC)
    • Produce/ Barrier Bags (including those used for fruit, veges, dairy, cured meat, nuts, confectionary that are not pre-packed before arrival at store; excluding raw meat)
  • Phase 2.3 – Supply banned by 1 August 2024
    • Moulded EPS packaging and other expanded plastic equivalents including EPE, EPP and bioplastic EPS



Consultation closes Friday 18 November.

First, we recommend coming along to one of the info sessions to ensure you understand exactly what items are being banned and what alternatives will be allowed.

We encourage all relevant businesses and peak bodies, large and small, to submit your insight and feedback directly to DWER via:

Please note that all queries about the Stage 2 ban should be directed to DWER ( or via the information sessions.


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