The WA Government and National Retail Association have collaboratively created a Comprehensive Guide for Business. This one-stop resource covers ALL existing and upcoming bans in Western Australia.

In-store signage

Help your customers understand the ban and be prepared for the changes you are making to comply.

Are you a shopping centre, industry asssociation, local government or other organisation with a network of businesses which may be impacted by the bans?

Help ensure businesses are aware of the ban, this website, and the free support services available to them.

To assist, the National Retail Association has created a Communications Kit of sample articles, social media, images and factsheets.

Government Information & Factsheets

The WA Government has also published information about the ban, including factsheets on each banned item.

Previous ban (2022) resources

On behalf of the WA Government, the National Retail Association (NRA) has developed a range of resources to assist businesses to understand and inform their staff and customers about the Stage 1 ban.